About Me

I’m a blogger, streamer, and a rookie digital marketer based in Indonesia. I don’t drink coffee. I enjoy tea, milk, and any sweet things that the world could offer. I don’t like spicy food. I don’t go out that much but you can tag along on my Instagram.

I’ve spent most of my days by streaming, making small podcast and so on especially when i have no ongoing project whatsoever. You can check me out on twitch if you have nothing to do in life.

I’ve been trying (and still trying) to create my own agency. Been running from 2018, i had several clients in my life under the name of Awan Studio, which is now under a different name called ‘Rekonnekt Studio‘. I hope i can be a full time streamer (which i enjoy the most) while able to help people with my digital marketing skils.


This site is running a WordPress theme called JNews with some customization done by me. It is heavily inspired ( morel like copy paste lol ) by Andres’s website which you can access it by clicking here.

Some of you may notice that I write on this website since couple years ago. Well, to be completely honest I changed the website URL couple times before. So don’t be surprised if I got only few post view counts on my older writings.